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A DNA Link between Diabetes and Obesity

There is no known reason for what causes diabetes. There are certainly risk factors that

make the likelihood of you being diagnosed with the disease higher. One of the only risk

factors that you have control over is your weight. If you are obese, the single best thing

you can do for your health and the prevention of diabetes is to lose weight. Even in small

increments, when you shed pounds you are increasing your health benefits.

These may be easier said than done. There are new studies that are now showing that

there is a genetic factor or mutation for people who are obese and have diabetes. This

genetic malfunction affects how the bodies use energy and insulin – two key elements in

the functioning of your body and the cause of diabetes and obesity.

The studies also state that this is not a cause and effect case. If you carry this defective

gene you are not guaranteed to be obese or have diabetes. But the link is there and it can

be prevented. You may have to work harder at it than others to maintain a healthy body

weight and put off diabetes but it can be done. Discuss with your doctor options and

ways to prevent or put-off the onset of diabetes.

The gene that researchers have discovered as a precursor to diabetes has been found in

young children. It is scary to know that children in their preschool years are being

diagnosed with obesity and type 2 diabetes due to genetics. But parents can reduce or

prevent these things from happening by giving their children healthy lifestyle choices.

Now that a DNA link has been found, the research can focus on finding a way to fix or

prevent this from happening at some point in the future.

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Canadian Drugs

Canadian Drugs

The re-importation of drugs exported to Canada from the United States and drugs manufactured in Canada has recently become extremely popular. The cost of medicine and medical care is constantly on the rise in the United States, due to the high costs of entry to the health care market imposed by the FDA and the American legal system. Medical insurance not withstanding, the burden of buying medicines forces many people to look for cheaper sources of drugs. This demand in the market is the primary reason why Canadian drugs have risen in importance and many American citizens have shown an interest in purchasing drugs from across the border.

The Food and Drugs Act of Canada, passed in 1920, was recently revised in 1985. It ensures that Canadian products are safe, that their ingredients are disclosed, and that drugs are not sold as food or cosmetics. It also states that cures for diseases like cancer cannot be advertised.

The Canadian government has very strict requirements for manufacturing drugs. These requirements are very similar to those in the United States. Generic medications are manufactured in Canada under these stringent laws. A majority of Canadian drugs are cheaper than the same drugs are when sold in the US. Canada has a policy of controlling drug prices through its national health insurance system, something the US does not have.

Canada manufactures only a percentage of generic prescription drugs for its own use. Canada gets the remaining 40 percent from countries around the world. The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board keeps prices high, discouraging patented drug manufacturers from using price reductions as a competitive strategy. This allows companies that produce generic drugs to charge higher prices and protects them from any effects of price competition among brand-name competitors.